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100% New Zealand Milk

100% New Zealand Milk

Pāmu Organic Milk Collection

Pamu Pure Organic - Ultra Pasteurized Whole Milk

• We are Kaitiakitanga – guardians of nature. That means caring for and respecting our environment, animals and people comes first in everything we do. Pāmu was founded in 1886, and is still 100% state-owned by New Zealand.

• Pāmu Milk is exclusive grass-fed milk sourced from a single exceptional farm in the heart of New Zealand’s North Island – the perfect place to produce an exceptional milk with a delicious, creamy taste.

• Our delicious certified organic milk powder is non-GMO, no antibiotics and no added hormones.

• 100% made and packed in New Zealand for trust you can trace so you and your family can enjoy it with absolute confidence. .