Lactoferrin content in Pāmu Deer Milk - Technical Bulletin

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Lactoferrin is an iron binding glycoprotein which has a range of bioactive functions such as antibacterial and antiviral effects. Evidence has shown lactoferrin may have useful biological functions for infants and children in promoting the establishment of immune-supporting functions [1].


    Lactoferrin antibacterial activity is attributed to its ability to sequester iron, an element necessary for the growth and proliferation of microorganisms in body fluids [2,3].

    Lactoferrin consumption may protect the host from viral infections through inhibiting the attachment of a virus to the cells, replication of the virus in the cells, and enhancement of systemic immune functions [4].


In 2024, four samples of raw deer milk were tested for lactoferrin with an average result of 260 mg/L, compared to cow’s milk 20 – 200 mg/L [5], up to 13 times higher. After milk was processed into powder, four deer milk powder samples were tested. All testing was completed at Agresearch using High Performance Liquid Chromatography. Results are as follows:

Lactoferrin Found Average Quantity per 100g
Pāmu Deer Milk Powder* 14.2mg
Regular Cow Whole Milk Powder** Not Detected

*When reconstituted according to directions
** Just one brand of cow’s milk powder was tested for the initial study


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