Trust you can trace

Trace to the source

Pāmu Organic Milk Collection

This exclusive, 100% grass-fed single source milk has nothing added, and is never blended with other milks. It goes through stringent quality and safety checks along its traceable journey, to ensure it reaches you in perfect condition. As we source from a single farm, supply is strictly limited.

I believe this farm is our best source of milk, where our cows eat only the lush grass grown on these clean, fertile volcanic soils. This is farming as it should be – treating the land and animals with exceptional care. I believe our customers who are lucky enough to try it, will really enjoy the difference.

Mark Julian, GM Dairy Operations, Pāmu.

One Farm Whole Milk Powder comes from just one farm in the heart of New Zealand’s North Island. Where a snow-fed river meanders across the vast volcanic plateau, and our cows graze freely on open pastures in the fresh clean air. It’s the perfect environment to produce milk that’s naturally so pure and nutritious, there’s no need to add anything during processing. The result is a super-premium milk, with a delicious, creamy taste, that you can rely on to nourish you every day.

100% grass-fed goodness, GMO free, no additives, antibiotics or added hormones

Tamper-proof sealed with a blue dot, and traceable back to a single farm

Experience the difference of a single source milk

New Zealand State Owned Since 1886

As natural innovators, we lead New Zealand’s farming industry. Established in 1886, we are 100% New Zealand state-owned. We have spent 130 years getting to know nature. Pāmu delivers exclusive natural products to the world’s most discerning customers.

New Zealand state owned since 1886
Trust You can Trace

Pāmu milk is 100% milked, made and packed in New Zealand. Every batch can be traced back to select, sustainably managed farms, and receives the utmost care at every step from the pasture to your home.

Your batch number can be found on every Pāmu milk product: at the bottom of the powder cans, on the lid of UHT bottles.

To verify authenticity, please enter your batch number here.