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100% pure, premium New Zealand milk products

Pāmu Organic Milk Collection

We are Pāmu

Pāmu is authentic, traceable milk, produced and packed in New Zealand, and a pure, safe choice for your family. We believe that the finest quality milk starts with taking the best care of our people, our cows and our land.

Pāmu Pure Organic Milk

Sourced from grass-fed cows grazing on certified organic farms, and free from GMOs, palm kernel, antibiotics, added hormones or additives.

Pamu Pure Organic Can
Pamu one farm can product
Pāmu One Farm Whole Milk Powder

An exclusive grass-fed milk sourced from a single exceptional farm in the heart of New Zealand’s North Island – the perfect place to produce an exceptional milk with a delicious, creamy taste.

Made with care

We make each Pāmu premium milk product with the highest levels of care and attention at every step from the pasture to your glass. So you and your family can enjoy safe, nutritious New Zealand dairy anytime.

Grass-fed Goodness

Our happy and healthy cows enjoy natural grass-fed goodness year round. They graze on New Zealand’s rolling green pastures, and roam happily in fresh air, plentiful sunshine, clear rain and endless open spaces.

Latest news and fresh innovation
New director appointed to Pāmu board
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There have been a number of recognized award winners from Pāmu.
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In Sydney last evening Pāmu were recognized in the 2019 AFR Boss Most Innovative Companies list
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Pāmu has committed to upgrading the insulation in its South Island farmhouses and all new house stock with insulation produced with recycled wool.
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New Zealand State Owned Since 1886

As natural innovators, we lead New Zealand’s farming industry. Established in 1886, we are 100% New Zealand state-owned. We have spent 130 years getting to know nature. Pāmu delivers exclusive natural products to the world’s most discerning customers.

New Zealand state owned since 1886
Trust You can Trace

Pāmu milk is 100% milked, made and packed in New Zealand. Every batch can be traced back to select, sustainably managed farms, and receives the utmost care at every step from the pasture to your home.

Your batch number can be found on every Pāmu milk product: at the bottom of the powder cans, on the lid of UHT bottles.

To verify authenticity, please enter your batch number here.