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Pāmu Organic Milk Collection

We are Pāmu

Pāmu is New Zealand’s largest farmer - 100% state owned by the New Zealand government and providers of nourishing New Zealand natural dairy goodness. With one million acres of land, our farming footprint covers six times the area of Singapore.

Our farms are in the lush green lowlands and wide-open high country of New Zealand, stretching from the far north to the deep south. The air is crisp and fresh, the water pure and the land unspoiled. On these landscapes, our animals roam, feed and thrive freely on a grass-fed diet.

Pāmu is passionate and committed to sustainable production of healthy and nutritious products and are leading the way in sustainable farming to protect and enhance the environment. Innovation flourishes on our farms as we deliver to the world premium specialist milk products – the finest, naturally.


We’ve managed the land on behalf of New Zealanders for over 135 years.

The beginning of the organisation that would become Pāmu began in 1886. The Department of Lands and Survey was made responsible for establishing, leasing and running farms for the New Zealand Government, providing capital and leadership to establish intensive agriculture.

Our greatest asset has always been the land, the grass, the rain and the waterways that produce world-class meat, dairy and fibre – and sustains life in New Zealand. That’s what allowed our farmers to become world-class agricultural producers following the first ‘green revolution’ of the 1940s and 50s.

In 1987, the Department’s farm assets were transferred to Landcorp. As a state-owned enterprise, we’re required to run as a profitable and efficient business while exhibiting a sense of social responsibility.

In 2015, we rebranded to Pāmu, which in te reo Māori means ‘to farm’. Further to its literal translation, the brand also reflects the Māori concept of guardianship of the environment.

Premium milk products from Pāmu provide uncompromising quality dairy solutions with a fully integrated supply chain together with New Zealand's best processing partners.

Pāmu offers quality and traceability from farm to you, with a variety of high quality ingredient and finished product formats.

Pāmu also has multiple specialty milks available in New Zealand including; grass fed, grass fed A2 β-casein, organic, organic A2 β-casein, sheep and deer milk.


PURPOSE: To enrich our land, our people and the future of food and fibre for Aotearoa New Zealand

We aim high to be world leader in farming natural resources sustainably to produce premium, high margin food and fibre products.

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Premium milk products from Pāmu provide uncompromising quality dairy solutions. Our vertically integrated supply chain complete with premium processing partners means that Pāmu offers quality and traceability from farm to finished product.

Pāmu has relationships with all leading processors and manufacturers of milk in the North and South Island of New Zealand. Pāmu can provide product solutions with authentic, traceable milk produced and packed in New Zealand.

Pāmu offers specialty ingredients and finished goods that are manufactured in world leading, secure and traceable manufacturing facilities.

Our specialty sources of milk include;

Cows Milk
Grass fed
A2 β-casein milk
Organic and A2 β-casein milk

Sheep Milk through out joint venture company Spring Sheep Dairy

Deer Milk

We can manufacture and produce:
Whole and skim milk powder
Paediatric grade powders
Formulated functional milk products - for infants and adults
Ultra heat-treated milk
Cream and Butter

Other products including: Venison, Lamb, Beef and Wool.

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Influential leadership enables collaborative innovation and planning

Mark Leslie

Chief Executive Officer

Mark has 25 years of experience in the Agricultural Industry including roles in operations, logistics, technology and product development, and quality assurance. Prior to joining Silver Fern Farms Mr Leslie spent nearly two decades at Fonterra including as head of the operations and supply chain component of the brands business in New Zealand and, previously had responsibility for the operation of the 94 ingredients plants across Fonterra’s 27 sites along with the associated milk collection activities.

He grew up on a dairy farm in Reporoa on the North Island’s Central Plateau.

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Pāmu’s awarding winning Deer Milk won the Best Dairy Ingredient category at the prestigious World Dairy Innovation Awards, announced in Laval, France on June 16, 2022.
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Pāmu has taken a 35 percent stake in a specialist spray drying facility to be built at the Innovation Waikato Park, in Hamilton.
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