Pure by name, organic by nature

100% pure New Zealand milk

Pāmu Organic Milk Collection
Delicious, quality milk to feed a healthy life

Pāmu Pure Organic milk is sourced exclusively from selected certified organic farms in New Zealand’s lush, green North Island, where cows have free range access to pasture year-round. These peak conditions ensure our cows are healthy and happy – eating a natural organic diet with no GMOs, palm kernel, antibiotics or added hormones.


100% Pure Organic milk. Sourced from grass-fed cows, grazing on certified organic farms. Free from GMOs, palm kernel, antibiotics, added hormones and additives.

  • Organic milk
  • Organic A2 β-casein milk

Available in:

  • Bulk commercial 25kg bags
  • Finished consumer goods
  • Spray dried powder, canned, sachets, pillow packs
  • Long life liquid milk, premium PET bottles

It is 100% produced and packed in New Zealand. Unlike many milk brands, Pāmu Pure Organic Milk has nothing added during processing, so you and your family can enjoy it with absolute confidence.

No Additives, GMOs, or added hormones - just pure milk, made more convenient

Made and packed in New Zealand in world-leading, pharmaceutical-grade facilities.

Assurance of Quality

A holistic approach to farming means meeting the strictest standards – no antibiotics, pesticides or synthetic fertilisers.

New Zealand State Owned Since 1886

As natural innovators, we lead New Zealand’s farming industry. Established in 1886, we are 100% New Zealand state-owned. We have spent 130 years getting to know nature. Pāmu delivers exclusive natural products to the world’s most discerning customers.