Deer Milk

Note: This webpage is intended for healthcare professionals only, not consumers.

Pāmu Deer Milk is a clinically proven, nutrient dense milk. For published research please refer to the following links:



Pāmu Deer Milk contains A2-type protein and lower levels of alpha-S1 Casein.

Given it is nutrient dense, Pāmu Deer Milk could play a role in supporting patient nutrition. Nothing is added to Pāmu Deer Milk, it is 100% natural.

I noticed a change in overall vitality during the trial which I was delighted by.

Glennis Hunt, 70-year-old from Auckland, New Zealand

It gives me the energy and vitality I need – and what's best, I don’t have to consume large amounts of liquid to get the benefits...

Antoinette van Zyl, 65-year-old from Orewa, New Zealand


If you would like to discuss offering Pāmu Deer Milk as a natural nutritional solution to your patients, please contact Hamish: hamish.glendinning@pamu.co.nz