Our story starts at our source

Products as pure as the land that made them

The Pāmu milk you enjoy started out here, on New Zealand’s rolling green pastures. Where cows graze all day on lush grass and roam happily in fresh air, clear sunshine and endless open spaces.

Getting to know nature, since 1886

We are Kaitiakitanga – guardians of nature. That means caring for and respecting our environment, animals and people comes first in everything we do. Pāmu was founded in 1886, and is still 100% state-owned by New Zealand. Our knowledge of the land and animals we farm helps us to create the finest quality products that are flavoursome, nutritious, and purely natural. As New Zealand’s largest farmer, we are dedicated to constantly improving our sustainable practices, so we leave this land better for future generations.

Our Team

It takes dedicated, passionate and expert people to farm, research, make and pack Pāmu products. Say hello to a few of them.

Meet Mark Julian
GM of Dairy Operations

“I love my job, working closely with our organic farmers and partners, so we can keep innovating together. I keep an eye on the pasture, ensure the cows are happy and healthy, and help farms look after their land for future generations. It’s vital to know our farms, to make sure each one lives up to the promise we make our customers. Only a few farms make the grade.”

Meet John Guyton
an organic dairy farmer

“I grew up on this farm and I’m proud of the values we have being organic. My biggest passion is looking after the soil in a way that provides long term sustainability of the environment, for the generations to come. We are very lucky to have our six children grow up here and be a part of the story. It gives us the freedom to work and play together as a family.”

Meet Aafke huisman
A Pāmu Quality Specialist

“I have a deep affinity with our animals and I’m committed to giving them the highest level of care. It starts with a natural grass-fed diet, the freedom to roam, and sustainable farming practices, which together result in better milk. By checking every process on the farm, I know that only the highest quality milk leaves the farm gate.”

Meet Hayden Russell
Our Supply Chain Manager

“I’m dedicated to making sure the highest quality, most delicious milk from our farms is looked after at every step of its journey, until it’s delivered safely to your family. As a father, I want to feed my son the most natural and nutritious food possible, so I understand first-hand why trusting our milk is so important to our customers.”

New Zealand State Owned Since 1886

As natural innovators, we lead New Zealand’s farming industry. Established in 1886, we are 100% New Zealand state-owned. We have spent 130 years getting to know nature. Pāmu delivers exclusive natural products to the world’s most discerning customers.

New Zealand state owned since 1886
Trust You can Trace

Pāmu milk is 100% milked, made and packed in New Zealand. Every batch can be traced back to select, sustainably managed farms, and receives the utmost care at every step from the pasture to your home.

Your batch number can be found on every Pāmu milk product: at the bottom of the powder cans, on the lid of UHT bottles.

To verify authenticity, please enter your batch number here.