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Who is Pāmu?

Pāmu is owned by the New Zealand government and is the brand name for Landcorp Farming New Zealand, who have been farming since 1886 and are New Zealand's largest farmer.

What is the history of Pāmu?

As natural innovators, we lead New Zealand’s production of quality food and lifestyle products.

Established in 1886, we are 100% state-owned: discovering the best that nature has to offer, and innovating to bring the finest natural products to discerning customers for more than 130 years. Today, the Pāmu brand stands for premium natural products and traceability you can trust.

What other products do you make?

Pāmu produces some of New Zealand’s finest natural products including deer milk, venison, lamb and wool.

What is the New Zealand Fernmark?

The Fernmark can only be used for products made in New Zealand. Our Fernmark has a Pāmu-specific licence number, your guarantee of its New Zealand origin.

What is the source of Pāmu Pure Organic Milk?

Our Pure Organic long-life milk is sourced exclusively from a small number of organic dairy farms in the lush North Island of New Zealand. The cows are well cared for, free-range and breathe fresh air year-round.

Every one of these farms must meet the strictest standards – no antibiotics, pesticides or synthetic fertilisers. And all of our happy cows are grass-fed and free to roam in the fresh open air.

All Pāmu organic farms are independently assessed and certified organic by AsureQuality. We are a member of Organics Aotearoa New Zealand.

What is your approach to sustainable farming?

Pāmu is the Māori word meaning ‘to farm’. We farm with the Māori concept of guardianship of the environment (kaitiakitanga). This is our promise.

Products and Nutrition
Do you use lecithin in your milk products?

Pāmu milk products do not contain lecithin. Lecithin is an emulsifier (usually made from soybeans) that is commonly added to help milk powder dissolve faster in water. Lecithin is naturally occurring, but needs to be highly processed via extraction and distillation to be an emulsifier.

Are Pāmu milk products safe for my children to consume?

Yes. Please keep in mind this is cow’s milk powder, not baby formula and is not a complete food for infants.

How do Pāmu organic milk powders meet my nutritional needs?

Our organic milk powders are a good source of protein, vitamins and minerals, including calcium to help build and keep bones strong and protein to support healthy growth and development. A 200ml glass of Pāmu milk contains 217mg calcium. Just two glasses provide more than 50% of an average adults’ daily calcium requirements.

What are the product credentials?

Each Pāmu milk product meets stringent quality and organic certification standards. It has been independently certified by AsureQuality as meeting organic standards of farming, and complies with Chinese Organic Standards.

How long do Pāmu organic powdered milk products last?

Each sealed can has a long shelf-life, making it safe and convenient. You can find the ‘best before’ date on the bottom of the can. Look for the date next to the letters BB. Once the can is opened, we recommend you enjoy it within four weeks. Once mixed with water, either drink straight away, or please refrigerate below 4°C and consume within 24 hours.

How do I reconstitute Pāmu whole milk powder?

Our milk contains only pure milk. Because it doesn’t contain additives to help the dissolving process, you may need to stir it a little longer. For best results, add four scoops (approximately 25g) of powdered milk to 180ml of cold or warm water and stir well until dissolved.

How many servings in each pack of whole milk powder?

When made up according to our instructions, there are around 32 delicious servings per pack.

Shipping and Refunds
Where do you ship your products from?

We ship all our products from our own distribution centre in Wellington, New Zealand. If you purchase from this website, you will receive your order by courier.

What is the maximum quantity that can be purchased in one order?

12 cans. You will only be able to select a quantity up to that number at checkout.

What is the shipping time on product purchased in New Zealand?

The product will be dispatched immediately and you will receive email confirmation. Shipping will take between one to three business days. We currently only ship to addresses within New Zealand. If you’re outside New Zealand, please check out our stockists.

Where can I get it delivered to?

We can only ship it to a physical address, such as your home or work. You will not be able unable to send product to a PO Box.

How do I get a refund for a faulty product?

We pride ourselves on consistent quality, so we are very sorry if any product does not meet your expectations. Before you send the product back, please get in touch with the Pāmu Milk team to help you. Once we receive the faulty product, we will assess it, and let you know the process to getting a refund. Read our product returns policy here.

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How do I know your product is authentic and not counterfeit?

Pāmu milk products are produced, processed and packed in New Zealand, with a tamper-evident seal. Enter your batch number here, to verify the authenticity of your powdered milk product.

How do I scan the QR code?

To use QR codes, you need a smartphone with a camera and a QR scanning app. Search for ‘QR code scanner’ in your app store if you don’t have one pre-installed. To scan, open the app and hold your phone steady while the code is centred on your screen. You’ll then be able to see more information about Pāmu milk.

How can I contact Pāmu?

Please call 0800 222 897 from within New Zealand or +86 183 2161 2210 from China, or contact us.