Pāmu Deer Milk – Frequently asked questions


Pāmu Deer Milk – Frequently asked questions

From time-to-time Pāmu receives questions about Pāmu Deer Milk product which is understandable given the recent popularity of the product. Because of this we have put together the following list of Q&A’s. 

Question: Who is Pāmu?

Answer: Pāmu is the brand name for Landcorp Farming Limited. We specialise in growing the finest quality ingredients for the world. We are 100% owned by the New Zealand government.  

Question: Which markets do you sell Pāmu Deer Milk into?

Answer: Pāmu Deer Milk is sold mainly via our ecommerce website (pamumilk.com) but we also process orders which come through from marketing@landcorp.co.nz . Customers who purchase Pāmu Deer Milk are in New Zealand, Australia, Taiwan, Vietnam, China, South Korea and Hong Kong.

Question: You recently completed a clinical trial on Pāmu Deer Milk. What does this mean?

Answer: In order to prove the efficacy of Pāmu Deer Milk it was part of a human clinical trial. It is called a trial because you are wanting to prove an outcome. 120 participants of New Zealand origin were involved in the trial. Here is a link to the trial findings https://www.highvaluenutrition.co.nz/2023/03/05/deer-milk-improves-muscle-mass-physical-performance/

Question: Why did the trial focus on adults aged 65 and older?

Answer: With the global population ageing at a rapid pace, Pāmu want to provide a natural nutritional solution to seniors to support health outcomes, particularly when it comes to strength and mobility.  

Question: Is Pāmu Deer Milk suitable for other ages?

Answer: Absolutely. Seniors (65+) is just one demographic that we believe Pāmu Deer Milk can support. In New Zealand, Australia, and Asia we also know that mothers are purchasing it for their kids (1 year old and above) given it is a nutrient dense milk.

Question: Is your product safe?

Answer: New Zealand is well known for its safe and nutritious products. We follow strict practices and requirements set by officials to ensure our Pāmu Deer Milk is 100% safe for consumers.

Question: Why isn’t Pāmu Deer Milk sold in supermarkets? 

Answer: Pāmu Deer Milk is not a mainstream retail product so you shouldn’t expect to see it in supermarkets, it is far too premium.

Question: Is Pāmu Deer Milk a trial product for Asian markets?

Answer: No. Pāmu Deer Milk has been sold as a commercial product in New Zealand since 2016. We have only just started to receive interest in Asian markets.

If you require any further information, please feel free to contact us a marketing@pamu.co.nz