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Our story starts with dairy. Pāmu are State Owned and have been farming for over 130 years. As New Zealand's largest farmer, we know what it takes to create premium dairy products suited to your market.

As you develop or revitalize your next dairy product, get in touch with Pāmu to understand how you are able to leverage our dairy expertise and global resources.


We are able to supply the highest quality long life milk produced by grass-fed cows. Milk is available in a number of formats including; UHT milk, milk powder and nutritional blends. As New Zealand’s largest farmer, Pāmu are able to supply milk at scale and all products are manufactured in New Zealand.

With a clean flavour profile, rich in proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals, Pāmu milk is suitable for a range of applications.

Our Pāmu products include UHT and ultra pasteurized milk.


Pāmu produce delicious, wholesome natural milk products to help you meet your customer’s nutritional needs and provide energy for a fulfilling life.

With our grass-fed herds, free to graze on New Zealand's rich pasturelands, you can trust that the milk that enters our processing plants is sustainably produced and meets the highest dairy standards.

Each batch is 100% milked, made and packed with care in New Zealand and sealed to ensure quality and authenticity.

Pāmu then use the perfect blend of experience, innovation and processing to deliver the very best dairy and nutrition solutions.